SydneyLETS is a way to buy, sell and provide services to each other WITHOUT MONEY.

We have our own local currency called "Operas". Offers and Wants are listed online so you can sign up and start earning or spending right away.

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Earn local currency doing things you enjoy

What is your superpower? Do you love to cook, look after pets, declutter, design, grow food? Join SydneyLETS to learn local currency doing things you enjoy.

Learn how to trade without money

Get help when you need it

Need a hand getting stuff done around the house? Looking for support on a project or small business? SydneyLETS members have all sorts of amazing skills. 

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Caring for people and the planet

Our members are involved in all sorts of great community and sustainability activities. We grow food, compost, reuse, repair, and recycle. We're always sharing ideas, tips and tricks about how to support each other and protect the environment.

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