The Sharing Map

SydneyLETS and a whole bunch of other sharing initiatives have been highlighted in The Sharing Map.

This map interactive helps people locate sharing initiatives and engage with collaborative economy in order to save time and money, while connecting with others in the community.

If you you’re curious about different ways to share clothes, toys, cars, skills, bikes and spaces check out the The Sharing Map online and follow The Sharing Map on Facebook.

The map itself was created at a MapJam which gathered people together to share their knowledge about sharing resources around Sydney. Watch the video below to learn more:



Inner West Tool Library

SydneyLETS <3 Inner West Tool Library

We’re pretty excited to hear about the Inner West Tool Library! Most of the tools we only get used a couple of times a year (or ever!). We waste money buying them, then they sit around taking up space. Why not take out a membership with your local tool library to get access to more tools for WAY less money.

The Tool Library is currently in the process of looking at potential sites, but also looking for general interest from the community.

If anyone is keen to find out more, becoming a part of the founding team, donating skills/tools/time/space, being a member or a supporter please contact 

Like the facebook page for updates