Tomorrow – movie night at Randwick Sustainability Hub

COLD WINTER NIGHTS are no deterrent to people determined to see an interesting film and to catch-up with people they know. That explains why they started to trickle in early for the film night at Randwick Community Centre.

The evening was organised by Randwick Council’s sustainability educator, Fiona Campbell, and MC’d by Annette Loudon from Community Exchange Systems Australia, the organisation providing online infrastructure for Local Exchange and Trading Systems which engage in cashless, community-based trading. An online systems and community trading expert, Annette has attended courses at Randwick Sustainability Hub, including the Community Leadership courses which her role at the evening’s session prepared her for.

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SWOP in Marrickville

Check out the action at the last SWOP at Addison Road Street Food Markets in Marrickville. It was cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop us InnerWesties from getting our swap on.

SWOP Marrickville

SWOP (Swap wearables and plants) at Addison Road Street Food Markets. Thanks to Pilar from Green Living Centre for the video.

Posted by Sydney Community Forum on Thursday, 7 June 2018


Thanks to all who joined us!

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Thanks to Pilar from Green Living Centre for the groovy little stop motion video.


Workshop – Contemplative Art

Date: Sunday, February 11 at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Location: Frontyard Projects 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville
Cost: 20 Operas (or $20 for non-LETS members)

Register for the workshop

This 3 hour Contemplative Art workshop introduces a meditative approach to art making.

The emphasis will be on using art methods as a form of contemplative practice. Focusing on our senses and practices such as mark making and working with color, form and composition we will develop our internal focus to help us express our inner experience. This may be useful to develop self-awareness, as a relaxation method, to support our creative practice, or address blocks in our creative work.

The form of Contemplative Art we’ll practice focuses on the process of the mindful art-making as opposed to what we might produce. Though you may create images that act as inspiration for other creative work, that you can meditate with, or use in processes of self-reflection. The workshop is suitable for all levels of meditation and art experience.

For more information about Contemplative Art please see:

Register for the workshop

What to bring

Some materials will be provided but please bring your favorite brushes and pencils, pens, pastels, and old plates and containers for water. Wear comfortable clothes and bring some food to share for lunch where at the end of the workshop we will discuss our experiences.

SydneyLETS workshop series

This workshop is the first in a series of workshops presented by SydneyLETS. SydneyLETS is a way to buy, sell and provide services to each other without money. We have our own local currency called “Operas”. Offers and Wants are listed online so you can sign up and start earning or spending right away. Workshop presenters are paid in Operas, making our workshops very affordable.

SydneyLETS is part of a global network

SydneyLETS is part of an internatiol network of local trading groups called Community Exchange System. Our online trading system allows us to can with members around Australia and the world. To keep up with the latest news check out CES Australia on Facebook.

Check out this map of CES groups around the globe. Click on a group to find out how many active members, and how many trades in the last 12 months.

Vision Board Workshop

Sat 5 Aug, 2pm

A Vision Board is a collage of images that represent whatever you would like to be, do, have or give in your life. Creating a vision board helps you get in touch with your dreams and desires, clarify your goals and helps to provide motivation as you work towards your dreams becoming a reality.


In this workshop, run by LETS member Wendy Burgess, you will create your own Vision Board. The Vision Board could be about your life in general – or it could focus on a specific area of your life such as health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, leisure, travel or any other area you would like to explore.

After you create your Vision Board time will be spent learning and working with tools to set intentions, create affirmations and work out goals and action steps based on your Vision Board.


All materials will be provided

– A3 sized coloured cardboard
– scissors
– glue
– lots of magazines
– “Activating your Vision Board”


– Bottle of water
– Any images you would like to use on your Vision Board

2-4pm – Please arrive ten minutes early as the workshop begins with a short visualisation at 2pm


Hornsby library, (Esther Waite Meeting Room) 28 George St Hornsby

Hornsby is a 5 minute walk from the train station. Hornsby is 35 minutes from Central if you catch the Central Coast express service which leaves from the country trains platform. Parking is available in the Hornsby Westfield carpark. The closest Westfield carpark to the venue is the one in Burdett St. COST 5 operas and $5 (to cover the cost of room hire)


You are welcome to bring any friends along – as long as Wendy knows they are coming so she can bring along enough materials. The cost for non-LETS members is $10.

Contact Wendy Burgess (SYCE1311)

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2012 National LETS Conference Notes

Notes on the 2012 National LETS Conference have been posted on the Eastern Suburbs Warranwood LETS  site.

63 LETS members & friends attended the Melbourne Conference at the gorgeous Upper Plenty Conference Centre.  From the feedback we have received it was a fun and inspiring weekend.  A special thanks to Howard & Wendy Stokes, our hosts, who provided wonderful accommodation with amazing views, yummy food and a gorgeous environment.

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