SydneyLETS philosophy is “Time is valuable – and every member’s time is of equal worth“. Your time is as valuable as the next. 35 Operas per hour is the standard rate for Sydney and Illawarra LETS. You can read more about our philosophy on the Benefits page.

You’ll need access to an online computer to use our online trading system. You may not have one at home, but you can access the trading system on any regular computer at a library or community centre.

When you join you’ll be asked to enter your contact details, and up to three items or services you’d like to offer to LETS members. You’re application will be sent to an administrator for approval.

Start trading
Upon receipt of your membership application you will be allocated a Member number and an account will be set up in your name on the CES system. Account details and detailed instructions will be emailed to you.

  1. To start trading click on OFFERINGS or WANTS to view all the goods and services on offer, or being requested by other traders.
  2. When you find something of interest simply contact another member by clicking “Email Member” to the right of the WANT or OFFER. You may need to swap a few emails to confirm price and delivery arrangements.
  3. The seller is responsible for entering the trade into the CES system. The buyers account will be debited and the sellers account will be credited.
  4. The buyer is sent a record of the transaction and may dispute the transaction if there is an error.
  5. Repeat ad infinitum.

Membership fee

Annual fee:

SydneyLETS currently has a healthy Admin fund, so the annual fee  has been temporarily suspended. It’s usually 25 Operas. We will notify members when we need to start charging an annual fee again.

A optional donation of $5 will help us cover the few things we can’t pay for in Operas.

There are 2 methods of payment:
1. via your internet online banking
2. or by direct deposit at your local Westpac branch

Depending on the method of payment specific details for these 2 methods of payment are outlined below:-.

To pay in person at Westpac
Account name: SYDNEY LETS
BSB:   032-023
Account Number:  17-6574
AUX serial no: type in your LETS membership number

Via the Internet
Pay online via your internet banking
Account name:   SYDNEY LETS
BSB:   032-023
Account Number:  17-6574
Description:    type in your LETS membership number


There is a 2% levy on each transaction. This is used to cover a variety of LETS operating costs and allow us to trade with LETS members for services such as administration, event organisation, member support, dispute resolution and venue hire. Dollars are used for unavoidable conventional-world charges such as website hosting and promotional material where we cannot find a member who provides such services for operas.

All members of one family, including children, may join under a single membership number as long as they live in the same household. All members will trade using one account.

Operas are transferred from one account to another when the seller enters the transaction into the CES system.

Contact details are available to SydneyLETS members on the CES online trading system. Sign in using the panel above to access you account and view the contact list.

The OFFERINGS section in the CES system provides a listing of all services offered by members. It is updated each time a member adds or removes an offering. Contact details are displayed to the right of each offering. These details are visible only to LETS members.

Newsletters and updates sent by email will keep you up to date with the latest information on membership, events, offers and wants, items of interest, Committee meetings and the AGM. Articles from members or notice of LETS-related events are welcome. The Sydney LETS Facebook page is also used to notify people of events and share information.

Statements can be viewed in the “My Record” section of CES. Scroll down past your contact details and click the “View button next to the words “View my statement of account”.

The Sydney LETS committee is elected each year at the AGM. Office bearers are Administrator, Secretary, Treasurer, Conflict Resolution, Advisor and Local Area Coordinators. ANY member can be nominated and stand for election. Committee meetings are announced by email and members are encouraged to attend and contribute.

Click here to join SydneyLETS »

Then simply accept the membership agreement, enter your details and click submit. SydneyLETS administrator will receive your application and be in touch shortly.