Sydney and Illawarra LETS is  part of the Community Exchange System (CES), which means you can easily list your OFFERINGS and WANTS online, and update them whenever you like. To find goods and services on offer members sign in using the form above, and click on “Offerings” to see directory.

CES is used by more than 900 LETS and Timebanking groups around the world including 50 Australian LETS groups.

The Community Exchange System allows you to manage your own account, so you can:

    • update your own personal information (viewable to LETS members ONLY)
    • enter trades directly into the system (no more posting cheques!!)
    • list goods and services you are offering to trade
    • remove goods and services you no longer wish to offer
    • browse the directory of goods and services on offer

Existing Sydney LETS Members

If you have yet to receive your account details please drop us an email and we will send you your member login info and detailed instructions about how to update your contact information, list offers and wants, view the directory, and enter trades into the system.

New Members

Please go the the JOIN page to find out about joining the Sydney & Illawarra LETS System.


LETS Success Formula

  • Join the LETS elite and trade 100% operas @ 35 operas an hour
  • Read your newsletter
  • Make some phone calls
  • When you need a service or goods, think LETS first and check your Register
  • Advertise your skills and goods in the newsletter, have a special offer and/or discounts
  • Make some phone calls
  • Go to Trading Days
  • Don’t wait to earn, go into debit – make a start
  • Be organised. Keep your cheque book and membership card with you.
  • Think LETS for birthday & Christmas presents
  • Meet other members at meetings and socials
  • Tell your friends about your successes with LETS
  • Keep a balance and work out each month how much cash you have saved by trading in LETS
  • Help others by recommendation of their work
  • Make some phone calls
  • Write articles for the newsletter, telling your success stories
  • Get a LETS member to design flyers or advertising brochures and hand them out at meetings or Trading Days